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Lucky Iron Fish is proud to launch our Giving Campaign in partnership with GOOD TO BE GOOD, a Canadian grassroots humanitarian and advocacy organization with a mission to serve women and gender diverse people and help build a kind and equal world.

Contribute what you can, every $20 provides 2 Lucky Iron Fish units to GOOD TO BE GOOD’s programming. And Lucky Iron Life will match every unit donation, thus doubling the impact.

Please note that this is a contribution to our impact programs, and you will not receive a Lucky Iron Fish or Leaf when adding this to your cart.
Charitable receipt not available.

How your contribution helps:

GOOD TO BE GOOD’S humanitarian interventions consist of both response and resilience. They do so by meaningfully engaging with community partners, volunteers, and community members to address priority communities’ issues and basic needs that centre lived experiences. Working collaboratively with members of the community and organizations ensures those seeking support have direct access without experiencing high barriers. 

GOOD TO BE GOOD provides relief-based solutions and supports such as nutritious food, household items, transportation, personal hygiene products, clothing, baby essentials, gift cards, cash assistance, income supplements, economic readiness support, and resources. They also offer long-term support to community members and work closely with their support network to meet their extended needs and goals. Their services work from a peer-model support service delivery model to meaningfully engage, listen, and act on priorities of community members and they know best what they need. 

Your contribution will support GOOD TO BE GOOD’s community programming and provide a sustainable option for iron fortification.

Thank you for helping us improve health across all communities by putting a Fish in every pot™️. At Lucky Iron Life, creating impact is a big part of our mission, that’s why we partner with fantastic organizations like GOOD TO BE GOOD who are working with communities to address the systemic inequalities that exist within our food systems. As an organization, we know we are made stronger by our community and supporters like you, with your generous support, we can continue to grow our impact.