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International Day of the Girl

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October 11th marks the International Day of The Girl. Today we want to celebrate girls everywhere, as girls today will grow to become the female leaders of tomorrow. 
Lucky Iron Fish was created to solve the massive and complex global problem of iron deficiency.  Iron deficiency and anemia mainly impacts women and girls, especially in developing countries where an estimated 40% of preschool children are anemic.

Did you know that women can lose up to 50 days of work per year because of iron deficiency?  Every dollar invested in providing iron to a pregnant woman creates $7 - $14 in economic value.

Recognizing #dayofthegirl acts as a reminder of the potential that every girl carries.  There are 1.1 billion girls in the world and each one deserves equal opportunity.  Let’s work together to create a world without violence against women and girls.  A world with equality. A world led by empowered and educated women, building communities and shaping our future.

For us at Lucky Iron Fish, our aim is to distribute 1 million fish to 1 million families in need all over the world by 2020, ensuring thousands of girls will reap the health benefits.

How are you making an impact to create change?

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” -Hillary Clinton