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Strong Partnerships Improve Lives

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In early 2016 the Song Saa Foundation hosted a visit by Lucky Iron Fish (LIF) to the Koh Rong archipelago Cambodia. The aim of the visit was to further the partnership between LIF and the Foundation, and their combined efforts to address the problem of iron deficiency in the archipelago.  Lucky Iron Fish has donated 550 of its clinically formulated iron cooking tools which are proven to increase iron in food - to the Song Saa Foundation who, in turn, are ensuring that every family in the archipelago is supplied with one of their innovative iron Fish. Together, the two organizations are striving to reduce iron deficiency anemia in the archipelago, where the need for nutrition remains strong. Working together, LIF and the Foundation wish to inspire a programme that will support local communities for years to come.

“The success of this partnership has been a true testament to the amazing connection that the Song Saa Foundation has established with the communities in Koh Rong. The trust and recognition that the Foundation has built, and continues to foster, has ensured that the Lucky Iron Fish will have a strong impact for people who can’t get the iron that they need in their diets. We are one step closer to getting a Fish in every pot that needs it.”

- Lydia Summerlee, Lucky Iron Fish, Impact and Engagement Specialist

“Iron deficiency is a global concern, particularly in developing countries.  This is especially true in regions such as the Koh Rong archipelago, where diets are limited to  fish and rice, and the occasional vegetable.   We are proud of our partnership with Lucky Iron Fish - and our efforts, together, to tackle malnutrition amongst the 3000 plus indigenous residents of the in the Koh Rong archipelago.”

- Ben Thorne, Song Saa Foundation, Project Director


Did You Know That?

Iron deficiency/Anemia affects more than 3.5 billion people, which is more than half of the world’s population. In Cambodia, over 50% of the population is iron deficient. According to the World Health Organization, 55% of children under the age of five, 43% of women of reproductive age and 50% of pregnant women suffer from the signs and symptoms of iron deficiency.