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Boost the Iron in Your Holiday Dishes This Year with Lucky Iron Fish

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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season finally here, it’s normal for some things to fall by the wayside as we get caught up in the excitement. The good news is that your iron levels don’t need to suffer.

Unlike traditional iron supplements that you have to remember to take regularly, the Lucky Iron Fish® makes it easy to fortify the traditional holiday dishes and drinks you’ll already be enjoying this season with 100% natural, vegan, side-effect-free iron.

Adapt Your Favourite Holiday Recipes with The Lucky Iron Fish®

All it takes to boost your iron intake this holiday season is one little but mighty fish.

The Lucky Iron Fish® is designed to be dropped into any boiling liquid that has a little bit of acidity for 10 minutes. Doing so releases a significant portion of your daily recommended iron without any side effects or impact on taste. It is a safe source of iron for the whole family,* including pregnant or nursing mothers.

It’s easy to fortify soups, stews, or even water with extra iron. Check out some of our favourite holiday recipes, adapted to serve up an easy extra boost of iron.

High-Iron Hot Chocolate

Iron-Fortified Apple Cider

Iron-Enriched Challah Bread

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Winter Sangria

Iron-Infused Peanut Chickpea Stew

Looking for more iron-fortified recipes to enjoy throughout the year? Visit the Lucky Iron Fish Recipes section of our website or follow along with us on Instagram and TikTok.




*The Lucky Iron Fish® is safe for the whole family. Exceptions include:

  • Babies under 12 months of age
  • Individuals with hemoglobin variants such as Hemochromatosis