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Lucky Iron Fish Gains Place in Prestigious Solve Community

  • 3 min read

Innovative iron deficiency solution recognized alongside other global changemakers in challenge backed by MIT

After successfully pitching at Solve at the United Nations in the Chronic Diseases category, Canadian health technology innovation Lucky Iron Fish is pleased to announce that it has been selected to become a member of the Solve community and invited to present its solution at Solve at MIT in May 2017.

Solve is an initiative supported by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Solvers are the innovators who, every year, submit the most promising ideas from around the world for mitigating challenges in the areas of health care, education, climate and energy, and expanding economic opportunity. Solve at the UN is held in partnership with the United Nations Academic Impact initiative.

Lucky Iron Fish was selected for the impact that the social enterprise has made reducing iron deficiency anemia around the world. The organization was among fourteen changemakers from seven countries who presented their solutions, focused on alleviating chronic diseases, in a three-minute live pitch at the United Nations to an interdisciplinary panel of judges. A common thread among each solution was a belief in the power of human-centered technology to solve tough health challenges.

“I am both thrilled and humbled that Lucky Iron Fish will be included in the inaugural Solve cohort. It is an honour to stand along the other changemakers and entrepreneurs whose ideas and commitments will make a profound global impact,” said Dr. Gavin Armstrong, CEO and Founder of Lucky Iron Fish, who presented Lucky Iron Fish to an audience of hundreds in the UN’s Economic and Social Council. “I am glad that the Solve community agrees that though a problem is complex, the solution doesn’t need to be. The answer could be as easy as a small but mighty iron fish.”

While originally only seven Solvers were intended to advance in the chronic disease category, the judges made an exception for Lucky Iron Fish. The organization was specially invited as an eighth Solver for the simplicity and elegance of its approach to a pervasive and complex global health issue. Today, iron deficiency anemia is the only micronutrient deficiency that affects close to two billion people worldwide in the developed and developing worlds.

Solve ultimately aims to convene a highly innovative and collaborative community to cut down the time required between innovation and implementation. As a new member of the Solve community, Lucky Iron Fish will be connected to a rich community of advisors and potential partners from across academia, industry, and the nonprofit sector from around the world.

Lucky Iron Fish, a dedicated B Corp that integrates social and environmental impact into every aspect of its business, will focus its Solve efforts on scaling up its health innovation in India, a rollout which is slated to begin in 2017. Approximately 45% of women in India have iron deficiency anemia and it has been identified as the most important health challenge facing the country today.

“Today, our global footprint includes partnerships around the world to ensure we get Lucky Iron Fish to families in countries like Cambodia, Haiti, Guatemala, and Peru who need it the most,” said Tania Framst, Vice-President of Operations, Lucky Iron Fish. “Our entry into the Solve community will be an important catalyst to help reach more families in India. We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with the changemakers and innovators at Solve to help break new ground in the issue of global micronutrient deficiency.”