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Dr. Gavin Armstrong Receives Award for Social Innovation Leadership

  • 3 min read

The World Corporate Social Responsibility Congress (CSR) aims to promote social innovation and sustainable development by recognizing business leaders who demonstrate a passion for social change. Each year, the Congress recognizes social responsibility leaders who develop sustainable solutions to global issues while incorporating high standards of integrity and ethical values.

Our President and CEO, Dr. Gavin Armstrong, is grateful to receive this year’s Social Innovation Leadership Award. Dr. Armstrong accepted the honour in February at the Congress in Mumbai, India.

“The Lucky Iron Fish is proud to be a Canadian health innovation that’s helping improve the lives of people all over the globe,” says Dr. Armstrong. “We are deeply honoured by this recognition and look forward to expanding our impact in India, getting us one step closer to putting a fish in every pot.”

The National and State governments of India have declared that alleviating iron deficiency is the number one health goal for the next five years. Lucky Iron Fish will work closely with government officials to help them to meet this goal.

Creating Waves of Change

Dr. Armstrong spoke to delegates at the Congress in Mumbai. His presentation, “The Lucky Iron Fish: Doing Well by Doing Good”, focused on the worldwide impact of Lucky Iron Fish and its potential to create waves of change for the future.

“The beauty of this solution is that it’s borderless: it can help solve iron deficiency in communities around the world,” Dr. Armstrong says. “We know that we are fulfilling our mission when we are improving the health and the wealth of the diverse communities that we work in.”

Changing the World with a Simple Idea

Iron deficiency affects nearly 2 billion people worldwide. In parts of India alone, over 80% of women live with iron deficiency. The condition is completely preventable, but many families have limited access to iron in their diets. Other alternatives, like iron supplements, are often unavailable or out of reach in developing and marginalized communities.

The Lucky Iron Fish provides an affordable and effective solution for iron deficiency. Simply adding a Lucky Iron Fish to a liquid or broth-based meal enriches the food with a significant portion of iron, helping to prevent iron deficiency and its associated health issues. It’s a safe, easy solution that can provide a family with iron for up to five years.

Swimming among the world’s most impactful social enterprises

Lucky Iron Fish is committed to using business as a force for good. We are on a mission to alleviate iron deficiency anemia, and we believe our health innovation moves us towards this goal. That’s why we collaborate with local governments, vendors, and NGOs around the globe to provide the Lucky Iron Fish to those who need it most.

Giving back is embedded into our business model with the firm’s Buy-One-Give-One program. For each Lucky Iron Fish purchased, we donate an additional Lucky Iron Fish to a family in need. To date, we have distributed over 34,000 free fish in Asia, over 19,200 in the United States, and over 12,690 in Canada.

We strive to do good in all aspects of our business. Lucky Iron Fish is a certified B Corp, recognizing our commitment to meet rigorous standards of accountability, transparency, social responsibility, and environmental performance. We integrate this philosophy in everything we do.

As we continue to grow and expand, we are honoured to be recognized as a social enterprise that is swimming among the world’s greatest socially responsible innovators, leaders and changemakers.