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Meet our new Director of Strategic Partnerships!

  • 2 min read

Our Fish Family continues to expand. We are so delighted to welcome Elana Hazghia to our team here at Lucky Iron Fish. We decided to sit down with her to ask a few questions (interviewing doesn't just end when you get the job- right?). 


What is your current role at LIF? 

Director of Strategic Partnerships


What are you excited for in your role?

I'm excited to grow the company's network. I'm a relationship person. I love talking to people, understanding what their needs are, and working together to design a solution. 


Why did you join Lucky Iron Fish?

I believe in the power of the private sector to simultaneously make a positive impact and a profit. I'm excited to see more and more companies build social good into their DNA, and not just as a side project. Lucky Iron Fish embodies this in every aspect of their business. I also have a lot of respect for how the company has grown to date, and I look forward to contributing to future growth.


What’s the best part about working at Lucky Iron Fish?

It's only been a week, but I'm excited to see that everyone has been so open to new ideas and creative solutions to partnerships and sales. 


What social impact issue means a lot to you?

Everything is connected, so it's hard to choose one. Health is the baseline. Without your health, you cannot properly educate yourself, get a job, or participate in local politics, for example. I am also passionate about the power of the arts to create social impact. I've done several projects throughout Latin America in this space.


What’s close to your heart? 

My family. I come from a big Persian Jewish community. I also recently had a baby, who is objectively adorable :)


Fun fact!

I'm a polyglot and I am constantly trying to improve my understanding of the languages I know (including English!).

I'm a slow cook, but 95% of the time it's worth the wait.

I was on a synchronized swimming team when I was younger. Yes, I was into it.