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Thank You India x Lucky Iron Fish

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Working to solve complex problems, like iron deficiency anemia, requires collaboration among many groups and individuals.  

Our impact work’s mission is to help women and children improve their health and livelihoods through good nutrition, including an iron-rich diet. That is why we are so thrilled by our collaboration with Thank you India, a socially conscious jewelry line providing ethically sourced, fair trade jewelry, clothing and accessories, including the Lucky Iron Leaf necklace.

Thank You India Necklace

With each purchase of a necklace, a Lucky Shakti Leaf is donated to our impact partner, Sahara Aalhad. Sahara is committed to serving marginalized populations, in the belief that every person has the right to treatment, care and support and to a life of dignity and security. Lucky Iron Fish is working with Sahara to provide intervention and prevention for iron deficiency anemia among those that Sahara serves.

Thank you India founder, Tazim was inspired to start a line that focused on creating beautiful items created in socially equitable way.

"Our artisans are fairly paid, and encouraged to expand and grow in their work and in their communities. But, we know we can do more. The chain of giving extends into my local community of Ottawa, where I design each and every item. I donate my profits from certain pieces to a number of organizations, especially those focused on women, girls and education.

To learn more about Thank you India and to see more of their beautiful items, including the Lucky Iron Leaf necklace, check out their website.