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The Dragons' Den Experience

  • 2 min read

On Thursday, September 20th, the season premiere episode of Dragons' Den will show our CEO and Founder, Dr. Gavin Armstrong, pitching the Lucky Iron Fish to the Dragons. Dr. Armstrong shares his experiences on what it was like to prepare for and pitch to them: 

In May, CBC Television approached Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise and asked if the company was interested in pitching to Dragons’ Den. I was thrilled.

For weeks, the entire team from Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise worked diligently to gather company financials, analytics and projections so I was fully prepared to make a solo pitch to the Dragons. The team researched the companies the Dragons work with, and I re-watched all the previous episodes to find insights into successful pitches. It was very helpful that all of the previous @cbcdragons episodes are available on their website!

Even though I had given talks and pitches before, of course it was intimidating standing in a recording studio, with all the cameras and lights, and with the Dragons. Not only are the Dragons successful entrepreneurs in their own rights, but they are also renown for thoroughly grilling the teams who make pitches on the show.

I was incredibly grateful for my friend and colleague Anne Pringle who joined me on the day of filming. She helped set the stage and craft the special iron beverage. Did the Dragons like it? You’ll have to tuna-in to see.

In the end, the experience was just as challenging as I thought. I can’t wait to see the final version of the pitch for Lucky Iron Fish that will be shown during Season 13 of Dragons’ Den @cbcdragonsden.