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Welcome Madeleine!

  • 1 min read

For the next four months, we will be joined by Madeleine McGillivray as Coordinator, Partnerships for Social Impact at Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise.

Madeleine recently completed her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Global Development and is focused on developing innovative ways to extend the human right to health in a socially responsible manner. Throughout her degree, Madeleine was motivated to learn and understand more about global health and development and the organizations aiming to address some of the world’s greatest health issues in an empowering manner.

Fascinated by global health in general and the important relationship between health and international development, Madeleine was keen to become involved with Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise.

"I believe that socially conscious companies like Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise are a catalyst for tackling some of the world's great health challenges through empowerment that is ethical and sustainable," says Madeleine.

She's looking forward to working with the Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise team this summer, and we can undoubtedly say the feeling is mutual! Welcome, Madeleine!