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5 Spooky Myths About Lucky Iron Fish 🎃

  • 2 min read
Its Halloween!!! Today we're sharing 5 spooky myths about Lucky Iron Fish and iron deficiency:

1️⃣ It's not safe for kids.
👉In fact, the Fish is perfectly safe and is actually recommended for kids considering that iron is a key nutrient in their cognitive and physical development! 🤾‍♂️ As long as the child is 7 months or older, you may use the Fish when preparing their beverages or foods.

2️⃣ Only women & children need it.
👉Absolutely not. We all need adequate levels of iron in our diet to have a healthy body. Especially if you are an athlete, you NEED additional iron!!

3️⃣ Iron Deficiency doesn't really affect Western population.
👉Hidden hunger and nutritional deficiencies are present in every country! According to World Health Organization, ~1 in 10 North American women suffer from iron deficiency anemia. In Canadian Indigenous communities, the rates are as high as 60%!!! Experts also agree that iron deficiency is primarily underdiagnosed.

4️⃣ As long as I eat meat, I don't need additional iron.
👉It is always recommended that you ask your doctor how your iron (and other nutritional) levels are, because there are many factors that determine how much of what you eat is actually absorbed by your body.

5️⃣ Lucky Iron Fish is expensive.
👉Now, this is totally subjective and we understand that it depends on each person's situation.
But given the long lifespan of the Lucky Iron Fish (🖐 years!!!) + the fact that it is super gentle on the body as its all-natural; the Fish is actually a preferred alternative to other means of iron supplementation!
It works out to be ~$10 per year, and if we do say so ourselves, we think that's a damn good investment in your health. 💙

That's all for today, folks! Hope everyone has a good Halloween!!! 🎃