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Our School of Fish Grows with our Winter Intern- Nick!

  • 2 min read
  • What is your current role at LIF?

Hi, I am Nicholas Carroll and I am at a Student Intern at Lucky Iron Fish this semester.


  • What are you excited for in your role?

I’m excited for the new learning experiences that I will likely encounter as a Student Intern. I’m also excited to be working with a like-minded and welcoming staff.


  • Why did you join Lucky Iron Fish?

I’m a student in Applied Human Nutrition and I’m currently taking a placement course at the University of Guelph that requires me to complete a 40-hour internship. I reached out to the Lucky Iron Fish as I’m interested in getting experience within an organization that aim towards solving a large-scale nutrition issue. 


  • What’s the best part about working at Lucky Iron Fish?

It’s only my first day and I’m already very excited to be working on my assigned projects. I think the best part about working at Lucky Iron Fish will be to use my creative and problem-solving skills together towards completing these tasks.


  • What social impact issue means a lot to you?

As a student studying nutrition, I believe everyone should have equal access to health. This is something that everybody shares and unites us together – no matter your background, upbringing or whichever part of the world you are from. This social issue is something that truly means a lot to me.


  • What’s close to your heart?

My friends, my family and my passions.


  • Fun fact!

I was named after Santa Claus as I was born on December 22nd. My mom likes to refer to me as “Saint Nick”. 

I’m also an outdoor rock climber and enjoy travelling to different areas to climb. My favorite places to climb are in the Red River Gorge and Lion’s Head!