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Lucky Iron Fish is proud to be a 2017 Katerva Award Finalist

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Katerva scouts the globe for the best in sustainable innovations. They’re a group of forward-thinking executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, and policy experts who want to build a sustainable future. Katerva is committed to growing great ideas, and the Katerva Award is a way of recognizing and fostering innovation across the world.

We are excited to share the news that Lucky Iron Fish was chosen as a 2017 Katerva Award Finalist. The Katerva Award finalists aren’t just innovators – they solve societal issues and make the world a safer, healthier place to live. 

Sustainable innovation is in our DNA

Sustainable innovation is entrepreneurship driven by social, environmental, and sustainability issues. It means committing to these issues in all aspects of a business – from research and development all the way up to the point of sale. In short, sustainable innovators are committed to designing products and services that build a better future.

Making a positive economic impact in the communities we serve is part of how we define success at Lucky Iron Fish. Our education campaigns combat iron deficiency by helping people make healthier choices. In partnership with Watthan Artisans Cambodia and ARC Industries Guelph, for example, Lucky Iron Fish provides quality employment opportunities to over 80 people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Sustainability is a driving force in all aspects of our business, from our supply chain to our environmental impact and our commitment to employees. That’s why Lucky Iron Fish is a proud B Corp, an organization representing for-profit companies certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. In 2016, we were honoured to make the list of the top 10% of B Corp Best for the World businesses.

Sustainability is a fish in every pot

Nearly 3.5 billion people suffer from iron deficiency and its associated health issues worldwide. Its impact is felt most in developing and marginalized communities, where medical treatment is scarce or unaffordable.

The issue is complex and daunting – but not insurmountable. That’s why we made it our mission to rid the world of iron deficiency by using business as a force for good.

There are many families that have limited access to iron in their diets in the developed and developing world. Our simple solution helps with that. Cooking with the Lucky Iron Fish in any liquid or broth based meal provides a significant portion of iron for the day, and is safe to use for the whole family.

Today, Lucky Iron Fish partners with local governments, vendors, and NGOs around the world to get the innovative health technology to those who need it most. Our work reaches families in Cambodia, Haiti, Guatemala, Peru, and India. We also support families in Canada and the United States to alleviate micronutrient deficiency.

Swimming in great company

Each year, Katerva recognizes companies that provide disruptive products, services, tech, and business models. But it takes more than a fresh idea to hit the mark. Katerva defines innovation as, “the process of change that creates and grows wealth.” The Katerva Award finalists are game-changers who have succeeded in commercializing their ideas.

Katerva handpicks finalists from a pool of close to a thousand nominees. Over 500 professionals evaluate the nominees, searching for the most promising and impactful ideas.  And even though we weren't selected as one of the 10 winners this year, we’re truly honoured to be in the company of the social enterprises shortlisted for what’s widely considered the Nobel Prize for Sustainability.

“Lucky Iron Fish is truly honoured to be selected as a finalist for the Katerva Award in the Human Development category. As one of the few Canadian companies shortlisted, and the only Canadian firm in our category, we are especially proud to represent Canada for this prestigious award. The work that we’ve done in sustainable innovation started in Cambodia, but today our global footprint extends to over 150,000 people across five continents. We look forward to scaling up and amplifying our impact in the years to come, and this recognition from Katerva gives us momentum to continue to lead in the fight to achieve zero hunger and alleviate global iron deficiency.”

-Dr. Gavin Armstrong, CEO, Lucky Iron Fish