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Doing Well By Doing Good

  • 3 min read

Guelph’s CEO of appliance company Danby®, Jim Estill, pledged last year to bring 50 Syrian refugee families to the Guelph area, and personally foot the bill of over $1 million ( When asked why he made this pledge, Jim Estill replied that it is the right thing to do, “you see what’s going on, it’s a crisis and we’re Canadian. We should do the right thing.” Since meeting as co-panelists on TVO’s The Agenda, Jim and our CEO Gavin, decided to start a partnerships that spoke volumes to their shared Guelph roots, as well as a common goal of doing well by doing good. The Lucky Iron Fish provided a Fish for every family sponsored by Jim, through our Buy-One-Give-One Program.

As a certified B Corporation, ranking in the top 10% Best for the World, we are focused on using business as a force for good. Not just in delivering our final product to you, but being fully conscious about the process that our Lucky Iron Fish takes to get to you. Every step of the way, we care about what we are doing for the benefit of others, but also for the planet. Even when it comes down to getting extra hands to help, we are always thinking about how to use business to solve social and environmental problems.

This month has been the busiest time of year here at the LIF office with the holiday season upon us and our #12DAYSOFGIVING. We had a last minute order for very high volume of Lucky Iron Fish! To get the inventory ready we had to hire extra hands to help. Naturally, we reached out to Danby to hire some of the families they have been supporting from Syria. It is a simple action that is win-win but more importantly is having a strong impact in our community and people’s lives. We have been having a great week at in the office laughing and packing together. A very positive reminder of how special and caring our Guelph community is.

“We have been having such an amazing week! Sometimes with big last minutes order like this it can be a little tricky to coordinate, however with this order, we are completely at ease and that is thanks to the company we have had in the office this week.”

-Melissa, Executive Associate, Lucky Iron Fish


Through our Buy-One-Give-One Program and our connection with B Lab Canada, we have also been able to provide another Lucky Iron Fish for a Syrian Family who just joined our Canadian community. Joyce Sou, the Director of B Lab Canada stopped by our office last month to pick up a Fish for a very special family, “we are sponsoring a Syrian family of 5 and a few of the family members suffer from iron deficiency.  Supplements are quite expensive on a long term basis.  We are so thrilled to have received a Lucky Iron Fish through the BOGO program and had the joy of presenting them this affordable and fun solution! Thank you LIF!"

Not iron deficient but want to help us put #AFishInEveryPot? For $50 you can donate Lucky Iron Fish to five families in need. Through our strong partnerships with registered non-profits and health clinics we are reaching people around the world who have limited access to iron in their diets.