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Lucky Iron Fish Wedding Favours

  • 2 min read

Some people are committed to doing good in every aspect of life. For one bride, she wanted her wedding favours to be more than a sachet of candied almonds, but something that was meaningful, useful and eco-friendly. So, at the end of the evening, every guest at her wedding took home a Lucky Iron Fish.

Ashley is a teacher in Ontario, Canada, who puts a lot of care and thought into the items she buys. She’s an avid supporter of Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise and our work in developing nations, and has her own multicultural interests that stem from her work abroad in South Korea, and her volunteer work for the Guelph and District Multicultural Festival. And like the Lucky Iron Fish, Ashley has a very interesting cross-cultural story of her own: her husband, Sibte, is Pakistani and she is a Canadian with Irish and Finnish heritage.

Interfaith marriages are hard anywhere in the world.  For Ashley and Sibte, they had a few hurdles in the beginning.  One of their first support networks came after Sibte read an article in the Toronto Star that featured a woman and her family who have adapted well to interfaith marriages within their family.  Raheel Raza is a Sedar Medal recipient and UN public speaker for human rights and women’s equality. The support that her and her husband, Sohail, gave them in the early stages of their courtship and marriage greatly helped them establish themselves in their new chapter together.

On top of her considerate wedding favours, Ashley also incorporates the Lucky Iron Fish and other similar global social enterprises into her lesson plans for teaching, with the goal of creating a standard for other teachers in the province to use.  

We commend Ashley for her openness to celebrating diversity and her aptitude for social consciousness. Thank you for supporting Lucky Iron Fish and helping us put a fish in every pot!

If you’re interested in buying Lucky Iron Fish for your large event, be sure to email us at