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Disaster relief with GlobalMedic and the Lucky Iron Fish

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Nutrition is an important element in everyday lives, and even more so during times of disaster. That’s why we teamed up with GlobalMedic - a Canadian organization made up of mostly volunteers - to help distribute the Lucky Iron Fish to countries needing disaster relief. Adam Petricic, a Senior Emergency Projects Officer at the GlobalMedic, shares his thoughts with us on GlobalMedic’s services and support and how the Lucky Iron Fish is being included:

Who is GlobalMedic?

When a disaster strikes anywhere in the world, GlobalMedic is there to help. Whether it’s providing essential clean drinking water, temporary shelter, medical supplies, search and rescue support, or drone support, our Rapid Response Teams are on the ground providing aid to people who need it most. To date, GlobalMedic has responded to 190 disasters and conflicts in 67 countries.

Protecting families with safe drinking water

Clean drinking water is the most important resource in the aftermath of a disaster. GlobalMedic provides clean drinking water in a wide variety of ways, including household water purification units, community water purification systems, and water purification sachets and tablets. These solutions prevent the spread of deadly communicable diseases such as cholera.

Family Emergency Kits

GlobalMedic’s most effective clean water solution is the Family Emergency Kit. Each kit includes a Rainfresh Household Water Purification Unit to provide a family with clean drinking water for up to one year. The kits also include essential hygiene supplies, along with other items like oral rehydration salts, and emergency food. This simple package keeps families affected by disasters healthy as they recover and rebuild. GlobalMedic has distributed over 60,000 Family Emergency Kits, supporting over 350,000 people.

GlobalMedic & Lucky Iron Fish

A vital addition to the Family Emergency Kit is a Lucky Iron Fish. In partnership with Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise (LIFE), GlobalMedic ships Lucky Iron Fish all around the world to people affected by disasters. With this simple, yet highly effective tool, GlobalMedic can provide even more protection to vulnerable families. When hospitals and even basic healthcare is unavailable following a disaster, it is important to keep people healthy. Lucky Iron Fish in an essential part of this objective, fighting iron deficiency and anemia. Family Emergency Kits provide families with safe water for drinking and cooking alongside the Lucky Iron Fish.

Together, LIFE and GlobalMedic have distributed over 2,300 Lucky Iron Fish in response to conflict in Myanmar, hurricanes in Dominica and Haiti, and drought and famine in Somalia, supporting over 15,000 people.