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Thank You India Collaboration

  • 2 min read

We are always honoured to collaborate with incredible organizations that want to help us get Lucky Iron Fish into the pots of more people around the world, including our friends at Thank you India.  They are a social enterprise, selling fair trade and ethically-sourced jewelry, clothing, scarves and linens, including this special necklace.

With every purchase, one Lucky Iron Fish will be donated to an individual in India through our Impact Fund. Check out more products available with Thank You India, and learn how your purchase contributes to a chain of giving that extends around the world. 

Thank You India founder Tazim Lal shares some more information about her company and the causes she donates to:

"Our artisans are fairly paid, and encouraged to expand and grow in their work and in their communities. But, we know we can do more. The chain of giving extends into my local community of Ottawa, where I design each and every item. I donate my profits from certain pieces to a number of organizations, especially those focused on women, girls and education. 

I wanted to work with Lucky Iron Fish because they tackle something that can hurt women and girls before they even have the chance to pursue other opportunities. Poor nutrition, and iron deficiency especially, disproportionately affects women and girls. It can stop them from attending school, from maintaining their overall health, and achieving everything they can. They deserve to grow, healthy and strong. If I can support better nutrition while also opposing fast fashion and unethical sourcing, it is absolutely what I want to do. This is what Thank You India is about."

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