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Catching Up With Veggie Vision UK

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VeggieVision TV is a UK vegan and vegetarian based hub for short programming that includes cooking information, interesting interviews, travel reviews and all things plant based related! Our friends across the pond reached out to us about testing the Lucky Iron Fish, and got back to us with their thoughts. Check out their full review here and continue reading below for some highlights!

What do you know about Lucky Iron Fish and why it was created?

I know that you are helping others in need with an ethical solution to combat anemia. We just LOVE it that you are donating a Lucky Iron Fish to people who need it every time one is bought. 

Why do you use Lucky Iron Fish? 

We feel that a plant based diet can provide everything that our bodies need, however foods and the soil isn’t what it used to be. We are all for boosting up vitamins and minerals in an ethical and natural way.

What's your favourite way to cook with your Lucky Iron Fish? Any tips or tricks for incorporating it on a regular basis?

We have mainly been drinking the water and adding water when cooking foods like rice or vegetables. I think the trick is to keep your Lucky Iron Fish on hand. Ours got put away accidentally so the routine was broken. Keep it out and use it at all times!  

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Thanks Veggie Vision UK!