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Anemia Doubles Risk of Death for Pregnant Women, New Research

  • 2 min read

New research has used one of the largest available datasets on pregnant women to investigate the risk of death associated with anemia. Recently published in The Lancet Global Health, the medical journal established a relationship between severe anemia and maternal death.

CNN has reported on the research saying, "Many of the health problems that lead to maternal death are treatable and preventable. Anemia is one such problem, affecting about 500 million women."

Previous studies were unsuccessful in linking maternal death with anemia, but results of the new study indicate that when all known contributing factors are controlled for, the odds of maternal death are doubled in mothers with anemia.

Dr. Jahnavi Daru, the lead study author and a doctoral research fellow at Queen Mary University of London, noted "We often think giving the iron tablets will solve the problem, [but] providing iron tablets has been happening for 50-odd years now, [and] this is still a problem." What is needed, she said, is a broader approach that takes into account access to healthcare, education and other factors.

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