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The Creamiest Beet Hummus Ever

  • 2 min read

Looking for a cooking project? You NEED to give this recipe a try! Iron-Rich Beet Hummus (made from scratch) ⚡️


- 1.5 cups dry chickpeas
- 400g tahini
- 12 garlic cloves
- 1 cup frozen beets
- pinch of baking soda
- salt/ sesame seeds/ cumin
- olive oil - 2 lemons' juice
- 4 cups water
- 1 Lucky Iron Fish/ Leaf


1️⃣Bring all the water to a rolling boil. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and the Lucky Iron Fish/ Leaf. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat and remove the Fish/ Leaf. Your IronWater is ready.

2️⃣In a strainer, rinse the dry chickpeas and remove any unwanted bits. Then, transfer it to a large bowl and pour the Iron Water. Let it soak overnight (8-10 hours). The chickpeas will absorb most of the liquid and triple in size by now.
3️⃣Using a slotted spoon, transfer the chickpeas into a deep pot, or a pressure cooker if you have. Any remaining Iron Water should be reserved.
Add the baking soda and a pinch of salt. On medium heat, stir the chickpeas so they're properly coated. This step will help loosen the outer skin of the chickpea, which will allow for a smoother textured hummus.

4️⃣Pour in any remaining Iron Water and add some more water so the chickpeas are fully submerged.
Simmer for 20-40 minutes until chickpeas are fully cooked and tender.
Skim off any foam or chickpea skin that floats to the top.

5️⃣Once cooked, let the chickpeas cool down to room temperature. Meanwhile, prepare the tahini + garlic paste.
In a blender or mini food processor, pour the juice of 2 lemons, add the garlic cloves, and a few tablespoons of water. Blitz till fully combined.
Then, in a mixing bowl, combine the lemon + garlic liquid with the tahini. Carefully stir till fully combined and thick in consistency. Add a splash of water if needed.

6️⃣ In a food processor, combine the room temperature chickpeas, tahini-garlic batter, some olive oil, pinch of salt and cumin, and the frozen beets. Blend until smooth.

There you have it! Beautifully smooth Iron-Rich Beet Hummus 😌 This may be a labour of love but its packed with nutrition and flavour alike!

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