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Getting To Know Our Customers: Aneta Sofronova

  • 3 min read

We feel lucky that our customers come to us from different parts of the world and from many walks of life. We’re thankful for each and every one of them, and we love getting to know their stories. With this sentiment in mind, we decided to meet with one of them to see how they incorporate the Lucky Iron Fish into their cooking routine.

Aneta Sofronova is the face behind plant-based blog, Ruby Sunn. Deeply interested in holistic health, Aneta is passionate about inspiring people to eat healthily through the creation of whole plant-based food recipes. She invited us into her kitchen where she showed us one of her favourite savoury breakfast recipes packed with iron! Keep reading to learn more about Aneta and her recipe for Savoury Oatmeal.


Tell us a little bit about your blog.
I started my blog basically out of pressure from my friends. I talk a lot about plant-based food and nutrition on my Instagram and I get so many questions about those topics. I figured I should start a blog that I could direct people to when they had questions.

Why did you decide to become plant-based?
I have always been passionate about the environment and animals since I was a kid. I am just truly fascinated with the Earth that we live on and have a deep connection with it. Seven years ago, I put together the pieces of my own ethical puzzle and began a journey to rid my home and body of chemical and animal products. I’ve been lucky to share this experience with my mom who is a family physician and later became plant-based too. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience!

How has your diet impacted your iron levels?
I've always had low iron levels, even when I ate animal products. People think eating plant-based makes your iron levels drop and this is simply not true - especially for those who eat a whole foods plant-based diet. It’s more complicated than that. Iron absorption is decreased if you consume it with calcium-rich foods like dairy and caffeine. I used to drink a lot of black tea and this contributed to my iron levels being low. The best way to absorb iron is in combination with Vitamin C-rich foods. With that being said, there are still so many contributing factors as to why someone may not be absorbing iron. I know plenty of heavy meat eaters that have low iron levels as well. Iron deficiency affects over 2 billion people worldwide, so clearly this is a huge, global issue.

What are you favourite iron-rich foods to include in your diet?
I eat a ton of broccoli and dark leafy greens, for more reasons than just iron. It’s a large portion of my diet now!

Why did you start using the Lucky Iron Fish?
Last year I had my blood work done to address hormonal issues. It mostly looked fine but it was clear that I was still not absorbing iron properly. I took high quality supplements but they were constipating and didn't work for me. I also don't enjoy taking so many pills, so I looked at natural alternatives and found the Lucky Iron Fish! So far I have noticed some improvement in my energy. I am waiting a few more months to go back to get my iron levels checked. All good things take time!

How many times do you use the Lucky Iron Fish per week?
Usually I will make a big batch of Lucky Iron Fish water 1-2 times per week that I keep in a big jug to use throughout the day or to bottle up and take with me during the day.


You can catch up with Aneta on her blog and Instagram!