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Lucky Iron Fish Welcomes Anna Perinic to Board of Directors

  • 1 min read

With the completion of Lucky Iron Fish's Series A Funding, the company is thrilled to announce that Danone Communities' Business Development Nutrition Director, Anna Perinic will be joining the Board of Directors. 


Anna has dedicated her career to building sustainable solutions for growing people out of poverty and malnutrition. She helped launch Danone's investment fund Danone Communities that already has 10 million beneficiaries globally. At Danone Communities, they are committed to improving access to safe drinking water and to an affordable nutritious diet in low and middle income communities. Her experience will be an invaluable addition to Lucky Iron Fish as the company focuses on growing its presence both via e-commerce as well as institutional partnerships. 


“Lucky Iron Fish is an exceptionally innovative social business model, addressing a major health issue worldwide. In addition, LIFe is perfectly in line with Danone’s One Planet One Health strategy, with a significant impact on vulnerable populations and a strong potential. We believe Lucky Iron Fish is at a tipping point, where [their] innovative solution to Iron Deficiency Anemia is getting momentum and where this round of investment will enable to consolidate a sustainable, impact focused growth.”
— Anna Perinic,  Business Development Nutrition Director, Danone Communities

"I am delighted that Anna will be joining our board to help us navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with this exciting new chapter.
She brings a wealth of experience within the social impact space and I am looking forward to working alongside her as we continue to grow and achieve our ambitious impact goals."
— Dr. Gavin Armstrong, Founder & CEO of Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise (LIFe)