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Meet our Summer 2024 Intern: Kaneera Uthayakumaran

  • 1 min read

Hello! My name is Kaneera Uthayakumaran, and I am at Lucky Iron Life this summer as a Project Coordinator Intern with the NGO Institutional Programs & Impact team. Even though I was primarily hired to support the impact projects that the company has on the go, I have already had the opportunity to help with many other aspects of the business. It helps that the team is one big friendly family and willing to let me be involved where I’m interested! :)

As an individual who was iron deficient myself, I know how life-changing iron interventions can be - and especially improving their access for those in underserved communities is essential. So, I am excited to be in a role where I get to be part of the social impact programming the company does.

The work that the Lucky Iron Life team does to reduce micronutrient deficiency and build an anemia-free world is amazing to see first-hand, and the chance to be part of that change is one that I am very grateful for.

As for outside this role, I am a student at McMaster University studying Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship through the iBioMed program. Most of my courses focus on health sciences and biology, but the exposure to entrepreneurship sparked an interest in seeing how health innovation and business come together. Lucky Iron Life is a great example of strong social entrepreneurship, and how simple designs can improve health outcomes on a massive scale. I hope to continue exploring as many parts of the business's operations as I can, and contribute to its impacts worldwide!