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Why is iron important for vegans and vegetarians?

  • 1 min read

Vegans and vegetarians are often concerned about their dietary iron because plant-based iron sources (like beans, tofu and seeds) are poorly absorbed by the body compared to iron in animal foods.

This is why in Canada and the U.S., the Estimated Average Requirement for iron is set at 80 per cent higher for vegans and vegetarians than those with a mixed diet.

The Lucky Iron Fish is a great way to add safe and absorbable iron to a plant-based diet. By adding it to slightly acidified boiling liquids (like water) for 10 minutes, you can get 4-7 mg of iron without the unpleasant side effects of traditional iron pills (such as constipation or nausea).

Some nutrients, like Vitamin C, are helpful for improving iron absorption when consumed alongside food or drinks made with the Lucky Iron Fish. So, vegans and vegetarians should include citrus fruits, berries, broccoli and Brussels sprouts in their iron-rich meals.

The Lucky Iron Fish is a simple, proactive and effective tool for managing iron deficiency for vegetarians and vegans.