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Iron-Enriched Caesar Cocktail

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- Lucky Iron Fish Ice cubes⁠⠀
- Montreal steak spice or celery salt ⁠⠀
- A lime⁠⠀
- 1 tbsp Horseradish ⁠⠀
- 2 oz local vodka (we like to use @nickel9distillery⁠)⠀
- 2 oz pickle juice ⁠⠀
- Walters’s Vegan Caesar mix (or Motts for non-vegan)⁠⠀
- Hot sauce to your taste (I use Valentina) ⁠⠀
- a splash of Worcestershire sauce ⁠⠀
- Pinch of black pepper⁠⠀
Topping combinations (on a skewer): ⁠⠀
Pickle, Spicy bean, Bocconcini cheese, Olive, or Hot peppers⁠⠀

Lucky Iron Fish, Iron Deficiency, Iron Enriched Caesar Cocktail


1️⃣  Using a tall cocktail glass, take a lime wedge and run it around the top of your class. Then roll your glass in the spice. I prefer to only roll half of the rim so you can use the “bare” side when you get tired of the seasoning.⁠⠀

2️⃣  Fill the glass with "iron ice". Swirl it around so the glass cools.⁠⠀

3️⃣  Add the horseradish, pour in the vodka, and the pickle juice.⁠⠀

4️⃣  Add the juice from a lime wedge. If you like a bit more citrus use 2 lime wedges.⁠⠀

5️⃣  Add 1-2 dashes of Worcester sauce, 2-3 dashes of hot sauce (or as much as you’d like), and stir with a spoon.⁠⠀

6️⃣  Top with a crack of black pepper and your choice of skewered garnish. Enjoy!