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Got PMS? We've got you covered.

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On top of cramps and moodiness, periods also mean significant iron deficit for many women!

In fact, did you know that while an adult man only needs 8mg of daily iron, adult women who menstruate need 18mg of daily iron!

And for vegetarians, the recommended amount is 1.8x more!⁠

So here are some ways to ⁠meet your iron needs during that time of the month:⁠

🐟 Feeling crampy? Drink a mug of Natural Menstruation Tea, prepared with Lucky Iron Fish Water, a slice of ginger, and a spoon of honey to quell nausea and potentially ease cramping.⁠

🐟 Craving something sweet? Freeze some homemade popsicles regularly so they're ready when the craving hits!
Just use Iron Water + sweetener of your choice + fruit of your choice. Blend and freeze in molds.⁠

🐟 Need something cozy and filling? A hearty bean ragout or a chicken noodle soup (made using Lucky Iron Fish, of course!) is just what the ordered!

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